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Steel Door Accessories – Parts to Purchase

Fitting of the below steel door accessories would be included on new steel doors. If you are unsure about which product will suit your steel door or fire exit door, please inquire. Postage of below items is additional.

Spy Hole
Suitable for 50mm door.
£20.00 + VAT
Fire Exit Push Bar
Suitable for single fire exit door.
£60.00 + VAT
Door Closer
Suitable for our steel doors.
£30.00 + VAT
Security Drop Bar
For single doors, additional anti-jemmy bar.
£60.00 + VAT
Lock Photo New Locking Device
If you require the key & lock device changed i.e new tenants.
£30.00 + VAT
Louvered Panel
Sizes 479mm x 479mm or 479mm x 1524mm
£90.00 + VAT
Cylinder Photo Euro Cylinder Lock
When you require a volume of keys for your door. Comes with 3 keys.
£25.00 + VAT Additional £3 + VAT per key
Vision Window
Available in:483mm x 483mm
229mm x 330mm
£90.00 + VAT
Handle Photo Handles
Left or Right Handed Handle.
£10.00 + VAT
Vision Window
176mm x 786mm
£90.00 + VAT
Digipad Photo Digi-Lock
Keypad entry lock for fire exit doors.
£100.00 + VAT
Powder Coating
We can powder coat your steel door to a vast majority of BS or Ral numbers.
£100.00 + VAT single door, £200.00 + VAT double door
Letter Box Photo Letter Box
W: 25.4cm H: 7.6cm. White or Silver.
£30.00 + VAT
External Lockable Knuckle
For use on our fire exit steel doors as a means of entry from outside.
£90.00 + VAT
 Knuckle Pic